One SQM House NCAD

by NCAD, The Goethe-Institut & Van Bo Le-Mentzel

The One SQM House Project in NCAD!

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From the 22nd -25th April 2012 Product Design students from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), alongside representatives from the Rediscovery Centre, will work with Van Bo to create a series of One SQM Houses. The brief for the project is to work as groups to design a house for a specific purpose and context of choice. The theme of the project is participation. The students are expected to identify an opportunity for design that reflects this theme by effectively researching and understanding their users through community engagement. Each group will be required to consider the One SQM House as an existing product that they must refine and develop further to meet the needs of their chosen user group or target audience. On the final day the groups will take their completed houses into the public domain to engage with the community for whom they were designed. The project culminates with a presentation of the houses and the videos during a public talk with Van Bo on the NCAD campus.

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