One SQM House NCAD

by NCAD, The Goethe-Institut & Van Bo Le-Mentzel

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OneSQM Confession Box

Day 4: Public Interaction and Presentation


We got quite positive feedback and a lot of interaction with our Confession Box. People seemed interested by it and curious to find out more about it. We put the box in different places around the college, brought it out onto Thomas St. and down to the local church, where we got some interesting responses.


Overall, we found the Confession Box to be a success and the group really enjoyed both the building of the house and the interaction of  the public with it. We learned a lot of new skills and had a really good time!

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OneSQM Confession Box

Day 3: Painting and adding finishing touches to our house



We decided to paint the inside of our confession box blue because it is a calming and bright colour, and we thought it would create an ideal environment in which people could express themselves. We painted the outside of the house with chalkboard paint for people to express themselves in a more open way, possibly through imagery.



We added the wheels which made the house portable so we could put in different locations and have the public interact with it.

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OneSQM Confession Box

Day 2: Building the house


We began by cutting up the timber to the required sizes according to VanBo’s plans.


We then lay out the frame on the ground to give us a rough idea of where we were going.



We assembled the frame of the OneSQM house.




Then we attached the boards as the walls and put in a seat which had an appearance that tied in with the theme of out house.


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Day Two Building

We got off to a bit of a late start.But one could hardly complain when they had the chance to lounge in the sun. It was a great day for building and I think it was enjoyed by all.


A turning point in the day. Seeing the frame assembled showed light at the end of the tunnel after marking and cutting all afternoon.


End of the day and nearly done.